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American creative director, video producer, and designer Abhishek "Shake" Amiruddin came to prominence as's creative director.  He has since made waves in the content realm with production company, Dinner Land, and crafting Tax Stone's #BeSafeTho brand.  

Born in 1987 to Indian parents, Shake grew up on Long Island, NY and was featured in art shows since the age of 7.  He attended a variety of colleges before ultimately decided to leave structured education to pursue a creative career.  

After freelancing for years and being tapped for production by Complex, Billboard, Sony Music and more- Shake shifted his focus to producing content of his own taste.  In January 2017, Shake launched Dinner Land Network, a platform and incubator for today’s emerging innovators.  Alongside this, he produced several content series with a variety of hosts including Alexa Leighton, Combat Jack, FunnyJulius, ItsBizkit, Cleverly Chloe, and more.  

In April 2017, Shake launched a special events brand called Good People Link Up which has featured artists, producers, organizations, chefs, and more which has become the nation-wide "Let's Build Tour".  A few months after the launch of GPLU, he started a artistic residency partnership with the Crown Heights creative space 727 Create.  Since then he has created the fourth season of Dinner Land original content and has produced for Draya Michelle, OVO, Live Nation, Jadakiss and more.  

Alongside running his production company and events brand, he loves dinner.  

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