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Phone Calls w/ Mike G - I met doook (Mike G) back in 2014 around the time he released a song called "Indian Shit" - He's one of those hip-hop historian types with great taste in music.  This was a cool concept he wanted to try out.  Press play for the scoop. - Ann has a really interesting perspective with her interview series #NoItsMe.  I was honored to be one of her first guests with this series.  This is a rare video appearance  -__-

The Lunch Table Podcast - Man this was a really cool interview.  The whole In-Tune Ent family are all solid guys.  This was a really natural conversation where I felt like I forgot that I was being recorded lol. 

Don't Take It Personal Podcast - Let me preface this whole episode with a giant LMAO.  These guys are some of the most hilarious people I've ever met- I was literally tearing up due to gut-busting laughter.  Good times in Dallas.

Right On Que Live - This was a really dope day in Philly.  I was with the crew just pulling up on all our homies and Que invited Corey Lee and myself to kick it.  

Faded Black And Gold - Marlo Demore X Ra Executively produced by Me.  This was my first time stepping away from the normal shit and getting experimental.  I set up a really cool installation for the release and then the project was premiered on The Source.  

The Power Circle Series NYC by Tia Long - I'm really not a camera person to be 100% but I could not say no to Tia and all the great people behind this production.

The New Connections Mixer: Creative Is He Edition by EKO Event Group which was a panel moderated by Olamide "Ola" Awofeso.  This is a rare panel appearance & I had a good time with these bright people. - Bianca from Sinsational Ent featured me on their monthly #SinsationalSpotlight.  This was a really great opportunity and I'm humbled by this piece.  Big shout out to them!

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